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As a company that supports boaters and connects them with private dock owners, we want to offer both dock hosts and boaters the tools they need to interact, and have successful ventures.

We will never replace the boaters who want to stay at marinas only, but we can make it easier for boaters who want to branch out and find boat moorings in other locations more convenient for them outside of the marina network.

Because there is a dockage need for this type of boater, we implemented  ways to offer the things needed by both the host (dock owner) and the guest (boater). Currently as a company we are offering automated payments via major credit/debit cards, and electronic payment apps like Paypal, Stripe, etc. for boaters to transact their payments to dock owners. This is done through the website, and can be set up at the time of booking/reservation.

Dock hosts will have financial tracking of their earnings within the website. If desired, hosts can have their annual taxes calculated in a 1099 form which we will send to them each year, so they can submit their earnings to the IRS.

Sales and use tax will also be calculated into each transaction at the time of each booking, so each host does not have to manage that task.

Marinas can ask for a hefty fee for boaters to stay there. So in many cases home owners can earn a significant amount of money if matched with a suitable renter at their dock.

Both parties will also have access to and use of our automated Waiver system which matches both parties together and protects each party from liability issues. In addition we have implemented a screening process that helps provide dock hosts with a list of potential dock renters to choose from.

Each dock host location and each boat owner will be brought together using a dockage agreement that spells out the terms of the rental services and fees. We are happy to provide these services to our customers!

We offer boaters the option to rent both dock and home, in cases where the property owner has an interest in doing so – resulting in the homeowner earning additional income per night, or monthly. In this scenario boaters are not only getting a place to dock their boats, but also gaining a lengthy list of additional amenities and comforts available to them through the Dock and Home Access option.

Boaters and hosts will also be able to communicate through SMS/Text messages that can be enabled through the functions of the website, allowing increased communication capability in regards to booking reservation payments, dates and further property details, between both parties.

We will consistently look for more attractive locations for boaters to take advantage of. Currently it can be hard (at times) for boaters to find locations that allow liveaboards for full timers who live on their boats. We want to change that aspect and make it easier for boaters to find more liveaboard locations. Because this is important to us, we have added this to our website as an feature that can be added to any dock listing where both the HOA and the municipality allow.

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