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About Us

January 5, 2022 by dbc63e5bg

Welcome to Park The Boat Inc.

We are a family run business, here to help you! 

How we became owners of Park The Boat Inc.: A few years ago, Kevin and Esaq were kayaking on a nearby lake. It started to get dark (faster than they realized) and the only thing nearby was private docks. When they returned home, we talked about how it would be so helpful if there was a way to have homeowners list their private docks somewhere to be able to rent them.  This would be helpful for so many boaters who wanted a place to stay overnight or be able to dock their boat long term somewhere cheaper than a marina. After searching and finding very little out there (in terms of renting private docks vs. marinas), we found a company that was a startup and we noticed they were renting private docks for boats of all sizes. After we contacted them and showed some interest they eventually sold us Park The Boat Inc. so that they could focus more time on the chartering company that they were also in the process of developing.

What Park The Boat Inc. does:

We help families and boaters to find safe places to dock. We try to save boaters money by matching them with docks that are cheaper in some spaces. We also want to help homeowners to earn a little extra income on potentially unused dock space.

Who we are:

We are Kevin, Jennie and Esaq. Kevin and Jennie run the daily operations of Park The Boat Inc. Our son, Esaq, helps with some of our marketing/social media as his schedule allows.