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Tips for Creating a Listing

Thank you for considering listing your dock or mooring! Here are some tips to help you out

So, you want to create a new listing, or you just created and submitted a new listing, and you want to know how to make it better, or just make some changes to it? Here’s some quick tips and also a video linked below with some screenshots and advice during real-time creation of a new listing and editing a listing.

Quick tips first! or skip to the video below if desired……

  • There are some mandatory fields, and you will not be able to submit a listing if those mandatory fields are not filled out
  • Include a user-friendly price and description of your property so guests will want to be your newest customer
  • Take a good quality video and post it within your listing (tips on how to do that in the video below)
  • Do your best to get the best photo images possible for your listing (if you request the assistance of a photographer, please let us know and we can send someone to you for that)
  • You can edit or revise your listing as many times as you want

Your listing will not become approved and will not be live on the website until it is approved by a Park The Boat Administrator.

Here is the video with some real-time tips on creating a new listing or editing an existing listing. Always feel free to ask us questions or inquire about our custom listing creations that we will do for you for free!

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