Dock Only
Dock and Street Access
Dock and Home Access

List Your Dock Checklist


  • Select List Your Dock in upper right corner
    • NOTE: Use the back button at the bottom of the page or click on the heading at the side of the page to navigate to other screens in the listing process
  • Use drop-down lists to select dock length, width, and depth at low tide
  • Determine your Options: Dock only, Dock and Street Access or Dock and Home Access are explained in the Information section at the bottom under Dock Owner Options
  • Determine your Durations, this is also explained in the Information section
  • Enter your city then select Continue.  You may put your full address in this space
  • Confirm all of your entries on this Basics page or make changes and select Next
  • The Description page is next, you have 35 characters to name your listing and 250 characters to give a description of your dock space and location then select Next
  • Highlight the address info in the box and type your address on the Address line, the program will display your options. select Save Address at the bottom
  • The next page is the Amenities page.  Place a check in the amenities you wish to offer or select None at the bottom of each section (Common Amenities, Additional Amenities) then select Next at the bottom of the page. 
  • Add Photos by first choosing the Add Photo button, choosing your photos, then clicking on Start Upload.  You may add up to 5 pictures.  When your pictures are loaded select Next
  • Determine your price and decide if you want a Security Deposit for your property.  You set the price based on your location and amenities.  You are welcome to email info@parktheboat.com or call us 727-369-6934 for suggestions or call a marina near you to inquire about their pricing. Select USD from the currency drop down list then select Next
  • Determine if you want to approve each reservation as they are made or if your guests may make an instant booking for your dock space.  If you select Review each request, you will receive a message that a guest wants to rent your space and you can approve or deny.  If you select Guests Book Instantly you receive a message that your space is booked when a reservation is made.
  • If you want to change how your booking is done, click on the red Change in the Booking section
  • When you choose Instant Book you have an optional Dock Rules box in which you can enter specific rules for your location.  You can create the dock rules then select Next to save them.  Afterwards, you can change your Booking preference and still have the dock rules in your listing form.
  • The final section is Calendar where you determine if your space is always available or only for a certain time period.  Click on the calendar picture to make your selection.  Use the back button at the bottom to change your selection. 
  • You must enter a minimum and maximum (currently 99) then select save. 
  • Now your listing is live.

Find Your Listings

From home page select List Your Dock then select Host on the upper right and choose Your Listings from the drop-down list.  Live listings will show under Active Listing.  Any listings you have started but are incomplete will be found in Pending Listing

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