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Where did ParkTheBoat originate?

We love the water and take every opportunity to go on the boat.  Spending time on the boat means we need to find places to stay over when we venture far from our dock or make plans for boating all weekend.  One such weekend we were in need of a place to anchor and we couldn’t find anything in the area where our friends were hosting their party.  We contacted a hotel in the area to ask for dock space but were denied.  We ventured out and took the boat up and down the channels nearby.  This lead to meeting a woman at her dock who said we could come back and park the boat for a few hours but not overnight.    We had our Ah-Ha moment then.  We said, “We need ‘Boatbnb’ like Airbnb but for matching boats and docks.” And thus began our brainstorming and problem solving which lead to ParkTheBoat.com. 

Park The Boat, Inc.