Dock Only
Dock and Street Access
Dock and Home Access

Dock Owner Options

How much should I charge for my dock space?

You may charge what you want for your space.  It will depend on what other amenities you are offering with your dock space.  Generally, marinas and public docks charge by the foot and usually not less than $2.00 per foot.  You can determine your price based on average length of the boats that will fit in your space.  As PTB becomes more popular you will be able to compare with other docks in your area.


How much money will I earn for my dock rental?

Park The Boat, Inc. will charge hosts a 12% transaction fee every time a reservation is completed to cover the costs of sales, marketing, system maintenance, and the processing of payments.  Your earnings will be your dock rental fee less 12% per rental.  A $40.00 dock rental will net you $35.20.  Park The Boat, Inc. is working with the State to arrange for collecting sales and use tax on your behalf.


What choices do I have when listing my dock?

Dock Only means boaters do not leave their boat when they stay with you.  They have permission to tie their boat up in your dock space for the duration of their reservation. 

Dock and Street Access means a boater may tie up at your dock space and leave their boat to gain access to the street at your location so that they may obtain an Uber or Lyft or taxi ride to a restaurant, walk to a nearby friend’s home or shop at a convenient store near your location.

Dock and Home Access means you are making your residence available as well as your dock space similar to an Airbnb rental.  There are many amenities you may select for your listing that will tell your users exactly what they will have access to if they rent your space.  If you wish to offer more than one option at different prices you will need to create separate listings for each.

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