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What costs are involved in joining ParkTheBoat.com?

There is no fee for participating in ParkTheBoat.  (The only potential cost is a one-time Registration fee with your State for the purpose of setting up Sales and Use Tax remittance.  ParkTheBoat, Inc. is in communication with the Florida Department of Revenue to handle all filing and remittance of Sales Tax when your dock is contracted. Currently, you must register with the state of Florida to collect Sales and Use Tax.  See next help section.)


How do I remit Florida Sales and Use Tax?

As of June 1, 2017, Park The Boat, Inc. is working with the Florida Department of Revenue in an effort to create a system for Park The Boat, Inc. to collect and remit sales and use tax on behalf of our dock hosts.  Until a determination is established, each dock host must register with the Florida Department of Revenue at http://floridarevenue.com/dor/taxes/registration.html.  Click here for help in completing your registration.  If you would like additional assistance in completing the tax registration process, please contact Lynn or Todd at Park The Boat 727-369-6934.


What are Guest Service Fees?

To help cover the costs of running ParkTheBoat.com, guests are charged a service fee every time a reservation is confirmed.  Generally, the amount of this service fee is 12% of the rental cost.  After entering the exact date(s) for a reservation, you will see the service fee included as part of your booking details.  For example, a $40.00 dock rental will incur state sales tax (7% in this example) of $2.80 and service fee of $4.80 for a total rental of $47.60.

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